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Tiki from Healthy Living Tiki

Hello, my name is Tiki and I am the creator of Healthy Living with Tiki. I started the blog in January 2011, as a blog to document my low carb weight loss journey. Much like my beauty and lifestyle blog, this site served as my online journal.

Tiki from Healthy Living Tiki

Healthy Living Tiki has grown into more than I imagined, and it has provided me with opportunities to write for other blogs and brands. I now covered more topics that relate to me and my readers. I’m a tad quirky and dare I say, eccentric. Here, I don’t take myself to seriously and I love life. I have my own style of sharing stories and if you are up for an adventure, feel free to look around.

If reading isn’t your thing, I do have the Healthy Living with Tiki YouTube channel. I created the channel as an extension of the blog and to be a place for my weekly updates. Information is often cross-linked; however, there are posts that are exclusive to the blog or channel. So, you may want to keep your eye on both places.

Healthy Living with Tiki is a site to find information on subjects relating to low carb and keto-friendly recipes, food and gadget reviews, weight loss tips, my personal weight loss and healthy living journey.

Healthy Living Tiki is a resource for honest reviews and you will only find information on brands or products that I’ve actually tried and tested. I don’t fake the funk around here…keeping it all the way real. lol

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Please feel free to comment or ask questions. You can reach me by email at: tiki@healthylivingtiki.com. I love interacting with my readers and I’m here to help your journey in any way that I can assist.

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