Color Me Rad 5k Fun Race

Color Me Rad 5K Fun Race

There is nothing like a good race to get you going. In this case, it was a little fun thrown in the mix. It’s the Color Me Rad 5k Fun Race. I wanted to share one of my favorite races. If you don’t like running, this is the perfect 5k. I also thought it might be an encouragement to show that you don’t have to be at your goal size to get out and run.

Now, the pics I’m posting for today are from the Color Me Rad 5k Fun Race. You run the 5K and at different parts of the race, they throw powdered color on you or wet color. It’s just cornstarch, so nothing harsh.

The race moves throughout the country from city to city. I found a deal this year on Groupon that upgraded my race package.

I won’t lie, a grown woman should never have this much fun playing in paint! LOL! Hope you guys enjoy the pics.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for some strange reason since I ran it a while back (don’t ask how far). Let’s just say that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since this race. I paid for the pictures and downloaded them but never posted them. I do apologize for not posting before now.

Have you heard of the Color Me Rad 5k Fun Race?