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Eating One Meal A Day | OMAD Ep. 7

Recently, I’ve been eating one meal a day (OMAD). At first, it was unintentional and happened because I would break my fast too late in the day. With that, I didn’t want to eat late at night and soon I was doing only eating one meal a day.

I’m not sure how long I will continue to eat OMAD, but I will update you all during my journey.

In this episode of “What I Eat In A Day Keto”, I broke my fast with a light snack while my dinner was cooking. I tried something new by taking a smoked turkey wing and adding barbeque sauce.

Needless to say, I won’t do that shit again. I’ll stick to my regular uncooked turkey wings and cook them myself. The wings ended up dry, tasty, but dry. No, thanks.

You also heard me mention that my knee popped out of the socket, and that has happened a couple of times lately. I need to visit a Chiropractor to see why I’m having this issue.

What did you eat today? Any food suggestions of things that I should try?

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