How To Eat Out On Keto
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How To Eat Out On Keto | Lazy Keto

I’m sharing a live video that I posted on my Healthy Living with Tiki Youtube channel of what I ate for lunch on this day while on keto. It’s not the best food to eat on keto, but it does the trick.

I recommend that when eating out you request no sauce. When I ordered, I forgot to ask for the sauce to be excluded from my meal. Also, if you are allergic to MSG or get headaches after eating Chinese food, request your food with no MSG. The rice that came with my meal was quickly tossed in the trash. I will say the riced cauliflower that I bought from the Dollar Tree isn’t bad at all. I would definitely buy it again.

What is the quick lazy keto meal that you grab when you are out and about?

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