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Keto Jerk Chicken and Riced Cauliflower Keto Cook With Me

I love sharing my keto cook with me videos, and I wanted to share my keto jerk chicken. I made a pan gravy and paired the chicken with riced cauliflower.  I know keto can be hard when you don’t have a lot of meal ideas. I create these posts to help everyone out and share meals that I’m eating while on keto. The goal is to share these posts weekly.

In today’s video, I shared that I returned to a normal day of eating keto. Previously, I was eating one meal a day (OMAD). During this video, I was deep in ketosis and trying to make sure that I was drinking enough water to stay hydrated. I started my day by breaking my 16 hours fast with a Quest Chocolate Brownie Bar. For brunch, I had bacon and cheese eggs with a cup of Jasmine tea. Dinner was the keto jerk chicken.

What did you eat today?

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