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Keto Snacks

Eating keto doesn’t mean giving up snacks and desserts. If it did, I would be successful because both are a must for me. I do lazy keto, and I like to have a keto snack or two on hand to prevent going off track with sugary or high-carb food. I don’t count macros, because I’ve lost weight before using keto in the past. I have a general idea of what I can and can’t eat.

Thanks to quarantine and boredom, I’m back on my keto lifestyle. I decided to start the journey and here are is one of the keto foods that I found at Walmart. If you notice, I purchase a number of Walmart/Great Value brands. I try to eat keto on a budget. It is very possible. The box of keto trail mix was only $4.72. If you are ever out, check to see what Walmart keto snack options you can find.

What is your favorite keto snack?

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