Quote of the Day! | Positive Energy

I wanted to share my quote of the day. It seems necessary after a conversation that I just had on Instagram.

If you feel constant negative energy, take inventory of those who are around you. If needed, separate yourself to restore your joy, positivism, and well being.

I believe that 2020 revealed a lot to all of us. We saw the truth in many things and people over the course of the year. I made it my personal mission to come out of the year a better and happier person. The process started with me assessing those around me and my relationship with them. More importantly, it was the energy of the relationship. No longer am I willing to pursue one-sided friendships. No longer am I willing to allow the negativity of others to affect my mental well-being.

My hope is this upcoming year is full of happiness and blessings for us all. I hope you enjoyed my quote of the day.

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If you have a quote that you would like to share, please feel free to leave it in the comments below.