Restarting my weight loss journey
Weight Loss Journey

Restarting My Weight Loss Journey

Restarting my weight loss journey

When we do not deal with underlying issues, we will forever flow through a vicious cycle of destructive behavior. This time last year, I was at my goal weight and living my best life. Unfortunately, I never dealt with my OCD that forced my compulsion to randomly eat or with my emotional eating habits. I’ve gained almost 50lbs over the last six months and I’m ready to restart my weight loss journey.

Now vs Then

What makes this time different is that I finally dealt with the cause of my eating and weight gain. I anticipate this will be my last full weight loss journey. I do realize that I will forever have a fitness journey because I will have to continue to work out in some form at least three times per week indefinitely. I’m ok with that and prepared to do the work.

Weight loss ahead

How I’m losing weight?

I’m returning to a hybrid of Keto and Atkins. I stay with 25 total carbs per day. However, I think I’m going to cycle between high and low carb days around week four to prevent hitting a plateau or stall. Please know that when I saw high carb, I’m referring to eating complex carbs or more vegetables. In the past, I only add one day of higher carbs and the next day go back down to my normal carb count. It’s my version of carb cycling.

In addition to eating low carb, I will be intermittent fasting. I do this on a regular basis and I have a 16:8 fasting schedule. However, if I have a day where I feel extremely hungry, I will switch to a 12 hour fast and break my fast earlier.


I have three main tools that I use to assist me in losing weight. However, this time around, I’m adding therapy to the list.

Weight Loss Supplements: I am going to use a combination of tools to assist me on my journey. Yes, I will use weight loss supplements. I have nothing against them and I have used them with success in the past.

Exercise: My goal is to start walking three times per week. From there, I will build back to running. I would love to lift weights, but the gym is closed. So, for now, I’ll be using online workout videos and using my kettlebells.

Therapy: I have a standing appointment every Tuesday at 11:00 am to talk with my therapist. I found that people are not open or willing to admit needing or attending therapy. We really need to take the stigma out of dealing with mental health issues. Yes, OCD is a mental health issue and I’m not ashamed to share my struggles.

Meal Planning: I am a little special when it comes to planning my food. I plan my food and create a menu weekly. I normally cook daily because I like my food fresh. Also, I’ve found that cooking is a source of stress relief for me.


I have more of a size goal than a weight goal. I want to return to the size I was last July. I want to get back to being the cute Lil mama I was less than a year ago. Hehe The picture below is from the Essence Festival in July 2019. I weighed 174 pounds.


Tiki at goal weight July 2020

Upcoming Weight Loss Posts:

I’m going to return to the posting style that I started with back in 2011. This blog is a source of information for others trying to lose weight; however, it’s more my personal journey to track my efforts. I want to see what’s worked or not and how I was feeling during different periods. If you followed my other blog, Low Carb Tiki, you know that I often posted quick updates on how I felt, wins, or losses for the day.

I’ll share my fitness efforts, weekly weight updates, and recipes. Luckily, my camera is better this time around so the food pics will improve. LOL

Today I got right back on plan and restarted my journey. I should be back in ketosis by Tuesday, no later than Wednesday.

My plan for this week is to do more cardio by way of walking. With everything that’s going on, I haven’t decided if I want to use my treadmill or walk outside. I really prefer being outside.

So, there you have it. My plan and what I went through up to this point…short version.
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