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What I Eat In A Day EP. 4 | Keto Dinner Out And Steak

The “What I Eat In A Day Keto” series is how I track what I’m eating to stay healthy and lose weight. Today, I shared a quick video of how I ate when I went out to a local steakhouse. You can stay keto and low carb no matter where you go. The key is to know the substitutions or the items to remove from a chosen meal.

What I eat in a day ep 4 dinner our and steak

Here is a look at Episode 4 of what I eat to say on my journey:

It is important to note, the broccoli was served with a hollandaise sauce. I didn’t eat the sauce because it contains flour. Just that small portion could’ve thrown me out of ketosis. More importantly, I’m gluten sensitive. The sauce wasn’t worth the risk of getting sick.

What is your go-to meal when you eat out?

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