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What I Eat In A Week On Keto | Week 1

I recently restarted my keto journey on January 2nd, and I decided to document the journey by showing what I eat in a week to lose weight. I think it may be helpful to keep track of what I’m doing and what works over the course of a week.

I have started documenting what I eat daily, Monday – Friday on my YouTube channel. Since I don’t have an accountability partner, I figured posting to YouTube would help keep me on track.

The funny thing is seeing my subscribers increase daily. I love that I’m building a community and people actually want to follow my journey. That is so amazing to me, and I greatly appreciate it.

Let’s get started with my recap of what I eat in a week on keto!

What I Eat In A Day | Restarting Keto | Weight Loss Journey

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I think that it is important to mention that I also do Intermittent Fasting with a 16:8 fasting schedule. I’m not eating keto alone. Unfortunately, when I restarted my journey, I was unable to work out because my knee popped out of the socket. My goal is to start walking on my treadmill this week and to attempt One Meal A Day (OMAD).

If you haven’t subscribed to my channel please subscribe and turn on your notifications. I post my daily meals on YouTube and bring them to the blog once a week.

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