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What I Eat To Restart Keto | What I Eat In a Day Keto Ep. 5

In this episode of “What I Eat In a Day Keto”, I shared how I restarted my keto journey. I believe starting is the hardest part of the keto lifestyle. It’s a mental and physical challenge. I’ve eased my way back to prevent from getting the keto flu and to mentally prepare myself.

Restart Keto

I decided today would be the day, and today was a restart day. It’s a new year, so why not get started. This meal was super easy to adjust and work into the plan.

In the south, we have certain foods that are traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day. We eat collard greens to signify money and prosperity. Next, we are sure to include black-eyed peas for luck. In keeping with the tradition, I had both yesterday. The greens were keto, but the peas were not. Yes, I know. Send the keto police.

Anyway, I still had my steak from the other night and decided to add that to my meal. I added some broccoli, and it was the perfect meal to restart with.

I’m excited to restart my journey and lose my quarantine weight. I hope that you will join me. Be sure to tell below where you are in your journey.

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